About me

Welcome to Harmonized Health Halifax! My name is Stephanie, (MEd, CPT, Certified AIP Coach and Nutrition Coach). I have been an educator for over 25 years. A passion for health and wellness led me to pursue certifications as a Personal Trainer, Kettlebell instructor, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Nutrition Coach. I believe wholeheartedly that health is not a look, an age, a size, or a number. I love helping clients find joyful ways to appreciate, move and fuel their bodies.

My own struggles with an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and my investigation and readings that followed my diagnosis, led me to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) about 5 years ago.

The incredible success I have experienced, and continue to experience, on the Autoimmune Protocol inspired me to become a certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach. This protocol has helped countless people worldwide who are living with autoimmune diseases. I want to support as many people as I can who are coping with autoimmune illness or suspected autoimmune illness, by coaching them on their healing journey through all facets of AIP.

What People are Saying…

The Autoimmune Protocol is not an easy diet to follow, but Stephanie was so supportive and encouraging throughout the process that I felt it was very manageable. She really cares about her clients and is always available for questions, concerns, and advice. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to the AIP table, so you never feel alone or confused.
AIP itself has completely changed my eating habits and my relationship with food and it has really made me aware that food can be delicious, healthy, and energizing! I also learned which foods may not be best for me personally and how to kick my sugar addiction, which was a huge struggle!

Liv Peyton

I was in my fifties, feeling rundown and out of shape, and could not find the motivation to stick to a fitness plan. Finding Stephanie as a personal coach was a game-changer! She shared her knowledge in nutrition with a focus on building a strong mind and body. She continues to motivate me, educate me, and holds me accountable when I need the extra encouragement. I have not felt this strong or healthy in over 20 years!

Jocelyn Melanson

I was working out all the time: but wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should have. Stephanie took the time to show me how to complete workouts correctly, for my needs & wants…THEN found the root cause of why I wasn’t losing the weight and it lied within. With her help and direction, I am now healing on the inside that everyone is seeing on the outside. I finally feel like myself again. Confidence is Back!”

Pam Henderson

Whether I am being coached by Steph, or training alongside of her, she meets me at my limits while pushing me to exceed them. I’ve been training with Steph for close to five years now, and it has been one of the greatest gifts to grow my fitness level while witnessing her catapult into an exemplary coach and trainer. She makes a bad day better, and a good day superior. I am her number one fan girl.

Susan Grandy

Stephanie is an incredible coach! She is detailed, organized, and does thorough research so clients recieve a thoughtful and tailored plan for the best outcomes. She has a unique ability to truly listen and she will make adjustments as needed to suit client feedback. Stephanie’s style is supportive and nurturing so you will quickly gain the confidence you need to reach your goals with her encouragement and warmth.

Lori Rafuse

The thing about Steph is that she inspires you to do more and to believe in your potential. She is so fiercely strong and encouraging of everyone that she makes you want to be strong for her (which is really for yourself). I have a mantra with the women’s race series that I organize (Sole Sisters Race) that is BE THE INSPIRATION and Steph certainly is mine.

Stacey Chesnutt MBA

Let’s build something together.