Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

What is The Autoimmune Protocol?

The Autoimmune Protocol, developed by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, is a science-based, multifaceted approach to improving autoimmune symptoms and helping those in the autoimmune community live their best lives through an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich diet, movement, stress management strategies, sleep hygiene practices, and social connections. This protocol has helped countless people worldwide who are living with autoimmune diseases.

What is an AIP Coach?

AIP Certified Coaching is an advanced training course for practitioners designed by Dr. Ballantyne, Mickey Trescott, NTP, and Angie Alt, NTC, CHC. A certified AIP Coach has in-depth knowledge about the diet and lifestyle factors that contribute to autoimmune disease and the diet and lifestyle changes needed to mitigate further damage and relieve autoimmune symptoms. An AIP Coach walks with you and supports you along your journey to healing. An AIP coach helps you to navigate each aspect of the protocol, providing guidance, answering questions (or helping to find answers), providing supportive resources, and troubleshooting along the way to help set you up for success.

An AIP coach does NOT replace a medical practitioner, functional/holistic medicine practitioner, or naturopathic practitioner but can be an important part of an individual’s healthcare team. An AIP Coach will support you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to make the diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes to minimize your autoimmune symptoms and maximize your health.

Coaching with Stephanie

I am the only Certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach in the Maritimes. My mission is to support as many people as I can who are coping with autoimmune illness, or suspected autoimmune illness, by coaching them on their healing journey through ALL facets of AIP. With an extensive teaching background, my goal is to listen, support, educate, and empower you with the knowledge and strategies that will support you on your journey to better health.